Valentines Day

Musical Man Chairs

I played this game at Young Life Club and I saw it played at a Young Life Camp.


  1. Music Playing Device/Speakers

How to Play:

The game is the same as musical chairs except instead of chairs you have male students kneeling. There's one less "man-chair" as their are girls. The girls walk around the man chairs and when the music stops they try to sit on the knee of the kneeling boy. It's completely innocent but not completely harmless - I've seen many men get tackled when the music stops. Whichever girl doesn't have a knee to sit on is out. The game only gets more heated as it goes on - because eventually only the really competitive girls are left.

Pro Tips:

  1. Play Great and Fast Music
  2. Ask people if they're willing to volunteer for this game before the event even starts.
  3. Don't choose a girl who would be embarrassed by her weight or whose modesty could be compromised if they aren't wearing appropriate attire.

More conservative youth groups or youth groups with potentially uncomfortable dynamics can feel free to just do all guys. Use your own discretion.

Oh, if you've never played musical chairs before:

  1. Play music
  2. Girls walk around kneeling boys during music (There's one less boy than there are girls).
  3. Stop music randomly
  4. When music stops, girls try to sit on boys' knees
  5. Whoever isn't sitting after the music stops is out.
  6. Take one boy away before you begin the round so there continues to be an extra girl for every kneeling boy.
  7. Rinse and Repeat