Facebook Hack

I saw this hilarious game played at a Wesleyan National Youth Convention.

Basically, you need to get a student (or leader) to agree to giving you their username and password. You can give them an awesome prize for participating. You can make it a competition where you ask three contestants to come up and ask them pop-quiz questions about the bible and the person that gets the most wrong has to face the consequence. Or whatever other way you can think of!

What happens next can be predetermined or you can create a spinning wheel to determine one of several possible outcomes.

Here are some good ideas I've found:

  1. Love & War: End a relationship with a significant other (you have to really know your students). OR (if they're single) take a picture of someone in the youth room of the opposite gender: #newgirlfriend #can'tbelievetheysaidok
  2. CONFESSION: Have student take selfie with caption "I fart so loud it wakes me up #restlessnight #forreal #tired"
  3. ROADKILL: Post a picture of roadkill with caption "OMGOSH just hit someone's pet cat! LOL!"
  4. JUST BROWSING: Go to a random friend's page and like all the photos. Then in one of the first pictures they ever posted say, "I know you posted this a while ago, just browsing."
  5. #2: Post a picture of a turd in a toilet. "Friends told me this is trending... here's mine, I don't understand."
  6. DARE: I told my friend if this status got 100 likes I'd get a tattoo of Bieber's face on my belly.
  7. DELETED: Delete some friends (people who have just recently commented on a wall is ideal) then update their status: "Um if you're not my friend on facebook anymore maybe it's because we're not friends in real life anymore #duh #noexcuses #dontask"