Youth Group Collective Manifesto

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Church is becoming more and more fed up with the over-commercialization of the kingdom. I know I am and so I've made it a goal to provide everything I can for free. I believe that our churches and our youth groups deserve the very best. After all, God's kingdom deserves the very best. 

Don't get me wrong, I believe that pastors and ministers of the gospel ought to get paid for their work. I also think we should be coming up with creative ways to make money - instead of seeking to profit off of churches and low budget youth groups. And I think many companies have gone too far. Sometimes we see genuine movements of God turned into agenda pushing, profit making machines. 

Can you imagine what it would look like if Timothy asked the apostle Paul for help and Paul responded by trying to sell him a resource package filled with graphics, sermon series, motion videos, and more - available for a limited time for the low price of $99 but worth $1000? Why do we play these games? Everyone knows that easily duplicated material has whatever value you decide to slap on it. 

Often times we're asking "How much can I make off this product?" and we should be asking "How much can I afford to make this for - so that I can give as much of it away as possible?"

We're not in this to make profit - we're trying to find, create, and giveaway as many free resources as possible so that we can equip as many youth leaders as possible, so that we can impact the kingdom as much as possible. 

Let's put to death the over-commercialization of the church.

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