Valentines Day

Blind Date

This is more of a skit than a game.


  • 1 Table
  • 2 Chairs
  • Plates, cups, water picture, silverware
  • Food

How to Play:

Have two volunteers come up to the front. Preferably a guy and a girl. They're going to simulate being on a blind date except they'll actually be blindfolded. Have a funny female leader narrate for the girl. And have a funny male leader narrate for the boy. For example if she says, "Wow I'm really thirsty! I'm going to have a drink!" Then the female teenager up front will take a sip. Have them interact. Have the male leader say, "You look really hungry, let me feed you." Then the male teenager will act this out.


  • Recruit your students ahead of time. Make sure they're willing, able, and enthusiastic when the time comes.
  • Consider making a script or rough outline for the leaders who will be narrating the date.
  • Keep things positive. Bad improv always end in arguments or conflict. Good improv ends on a really positive note.
  • Provide bibs, expect a mess. Go all out with your meal. The more production value the better. A candle probably wouldn't be wise though.