Valentines Day

Swag & Sit

This game's been around. It's perfect for around Valentine's day. I first saw it played at a Young Life club and every student in the room loved it. I saw it once and remembered it for many years afterwards.


  1. three chairs
  2. a sheet

How to Play:

Set up the game by saying something like:

"Alright guys, we're going to play Swag & Sit. Swag & Sit is a crucial skill that everyone needs to develop in order to attract the right mate. Let's pretend for a moment that you're at a party."


  • Choose all your volunteers ahead of time. Let the girls know the whole game and don't tell the guys the twist at the end.
  • Choose volunteers wisely: Girls that are smart enough to understand their role and guys who can take a joke and enjoy being the center of attention.
  • This game is probably best for High School students only.
  • This game is one of those that requires a lot of prep - in my experience, it's worth it and students appreciate it.

Begin to build a couch on stage out of three chair and then place a sheet over top of it to make it look like a couch.

"And while you're at this party you notice a couch, more specifically, you notice this couch has two girls on it and room for one more. The chances are high that one of these girls is your future wife. You don't want to mess this up."

Choose two girls two sit on the two end chairs, leaving one empty chair in the middle.

"Now the most important thing to do it turn your swag on high. No potential future wife is going to be interested if you can't strut. It's a known fact. Then, after you strut around the room like a majestic peacock. After you've opened the

Consider having a leader create a "How-To Swag" video.

Choose three volunteers (it's best to have them chosen and aware ahead of time) to play the game. And have them leave the room with a leader who will then prep them with moves and style tips. While they leave the room, remove the middle chair and put a pillow under it. Make sure the sheet is pulled tight so that it looks like the chair is still there. Coach the girls and tell them that when the boy is about to sit down, they're to stand up straight. He'll fall right through. 

Bring the volunteers in one at a time and play some music for them