Wreath Race

This game was submitted by instagram user @thecjvandiver


Upfront game where partners work together to exchange a wreath and move it from one point to another. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Choose two students who would be comfortable getting close to each other 
  • Choose two students of the same gender to limit inappropriateness 
  • Test out your wreath to make sure this is doable but not too easy 


  • a large wreath

How to Play: 

Choose two people to come up front and either race against time - a one minute limit, or race against two other people. One partner from each team has a wreath over their head, resting on their shoulders. Their job is to exchange the wreath and get it over the other partner's head, on their shoulders, without using their hands and repeat the process until they cross the finish line. The partner with the wreath on their head cannot move their feet. The partner without the wreath must position themselves closer to the finish line than the partner with the wreath. When they exchange, the person with the wreath now cannot move their feet and their partner must move to the other side of them in order to receive the wreath and be closer to the goal. 

It's not complicated, watch the video: