Hungry Hungry Babies

This game was submitted by Brian Mayes


Students attempt to feed other students baby food with a spoon while blindfolded - baby food goes everywhere, hilarity ensues.

Pro Tips: 

  • Make sure to put a large tarp down on the floor if you're inside, especially on carpet. Baby food will be everywhere.
  • We play music to start the game.
  • Of course, we find the absolute grossest combinations of baby food we can possibly find.


  • Baby food
  • Baby spoons
  • Blindfolds
  • Trash bags

How to Play: 

We usually do this with four volunteers - 2 'babies' and 2 'moms' or 'dads.' The baby we put in a chair and cover them with a trash bag, with a hole cut out for their heads, in order to keep their clothes baby-food-free. We then blindfold the 'parent' and hand them a jar of baby food with a spoon. The rules are simple - the 'baby' is not allowed to use words, but can make sounds to let the 'parent' know where their face is. The parent then attempts to feed the baby using the baby spoon. Typically, the first bite of baby food is unexpectedly bad (although I'm not sure why it's unexpected), causing the student to make faces and forget they're playing the game. The parent has no idea, however, and will usually continue to shove spoons full of baby food where they last knew the other student's mouth was, which results in baby food everywhere. The first pair to finish their jar of baby food (assuming most of it gets eaten, of course) wins the game.