Social Media Butterfly

This game was submitted by Brian Mayes. 


Ever wanted to post awkward or embarrassing things on your students' social media accounts? Then this game is for you!

Pro Tips: 

Have helpers on the stage to man students' phones. Bring ping pong balls and have students write their names on them, then draw from a basket / bucket / whatever you want in order to choose your contestant!


  • Prizes

  • Optional: Trifold poster board with velcro cards 

How to Play:

Selected student is called up on stage and hands their phone to the game leaders. The leaders tell them that for each round they complete they will win a prize. We used cash! We did 4 rounds per student, with $2, $3, $4, & $5. We used a tri-fold poster board and placed different cards on it with Velcro, each of them having a 'challenge' inside. If the student allowed the leader to do whatever the card said then they earned the money for that round. They could choose to walk away with the money they had at any time, but if they refused a challenge they lost it all! Each challenge allows the leaders to use their social media / text messaging. 

Ideas we used for the challenges: 

  • Change Instagram bio to “I <3 Justin Bieber”
  • Update your status: “Ugh! Diarrhea is the worst!”
  • Text a random contact: “Know any good doctors for foot fungus? This smell is THE WORST!”
  • Like every single picture from a guy / girl Instagram contact
  • Post a snapchat of you picking your nose … and eating it
  • Guy – Post a picture with duckface, captioned “So sad Ugg season is over!”
  • Girl – Post a serious picture with a thumbs up, captioned “That moment you fart so loud it scares your friends."
  • Text a random contact: “What’s the best air freshener? I just DESTROYED this bathroom.”
  • Change Instagram bio for the rest of the week to “My toots clear the room”
  • Change status to: “No excuse for guys to be under six feet tall. Hit the gym!”
  • Change status to: “Just found out that the movie Titanic is a true story! I’m crying, ya’ll, I didn’t even know Leonardo DiCaprio died!”
  • Post a snapchat of you trying to lick your elbow
  • Text a random contact: “Hey, can I have your phone number?”
  • Reply on Instagram to at least 10 pictures from the same contact: “I love this!”
  • Like a picture from a contact that is several years old and comment, “So cute!”
  • Post a snapchat of you singing “I’m a little Teapot” with motions
  • Text a random contact: “Thank goodness for 2-ply toilet paper, amirite?”
  • Post a snapchat of you licking your own bare foot
  • Update status: “Ugh … wet the bed again. Not cool!”

The leaders get to choose which random contact to text / comment on / like pictures / etc ...