Turkey Bowl


A partner racing game with an obstacle course

Pro Tips:

  • Have leaders run through an obstacle course ahead of time to make sure it is doable 
  • Get the crowd involved and invested by having them cheer for each team 


  • One football
  • Whatever you need for an obstacle course
  • A stopwatch or your smartphone 

How to Play:

Bring up a minimum of four contestants. Partners must pair up with another person so you must have an even number of contestants. Consider asking for pairs of volunteers when you start the game. Although it could be more fun to pair up people who usually don't play together.

Each pair stands with their backs together with their elbows linked.

Set up an obstacle course that the pairs must go through while keeping the football between their backs. If they drop the ball they are disqualified. Consider having them go around things and over things. If they go over large objects like chairs you might need to have a few leader spotters. Time each pair and reward the team that does the best!