Pumpkin Hockey


A target practice game 

Pro Tips:

  • Use reasonably sized pumpkins. Pie pumpkins or small decoration pumpkins. 
  • Make sure your course is doable, run through it yourself before you have your students do it


  • several small similarly sized pumpkins 
  • a goal (trashcan, small laundry hamper, 5 gallon bucket, etc)
  • A broom or hockey stick 

How to Play:

Bring up a contestant and have him hit the pumpkin into the goal using a broom. Increase the distance between the pumpkin and the goal to make this a really fun event (nothing like whacking a pumpkin as hard as you can across a floor towards the other side of the room). 

If the first contestant isn't able to do it, offer the opportunity to someone else in the crowd, "Who thinks they can do better?"