Famous Last Words


A fast paced word recall game

Pro Tips:

  • Be clear on the rules before you begin 
  • Offer a prize for the winner
  • Offer funny commentary when possible
  • Don't allow someone to ruin the game by intentionally stalling
  • Hype it up with this sweet video


  • Nothing! 
  • A countdown on a screen looks great during a game like this! (If possible) 

How to Play:

Bring two people up front. Give them a topic. They must take turns naming one thing that fits the category. You can judge whether or not their word fits the category. Whoever says the last word at the end of 45 seconds wins. If someone repeats a word, they automatically lose. If someone says something that doesn't count for their category, they automatically lose. 

For example, if the category is "Animals" then each student must take turns naming an animal (they cannot repeat themselves or their opponents). 

Student A: "Bear"
Student B: "Monkey"
Student A: "Whale" 
Student B: "Shark" 

Category Ideas: 

  • Colors
  • Causes of Death
  • Mammals
  • 3 syllable words
  • Famous people from history 
  • Nicknames
  • Terms of Endearment 
  • Things that smell bad