Smash Night

Game submitted by: Jeramee Wambach. Thanks Jeramee!


It's fun to smash thing. Even better when it makes a big mess.

Pro Tips:

  1. Play outside
  2. Get cheap ponchos or trash bags for everyone
  3. Have multiple photographers and videographers (take slow-mo vids!)


  • Hammers of different sizes and weights. We made our own large mallets.
  • Lots of watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, twinkles, anything you want to smash.
  • Raffle Tickets.

How to Play:

We have done this event 2 years and will continue to do so. The basic idea is from the comedian Gallagher. You smash stuff with giant hammers. We hand out raffle tickets to every kid. Have them sit in a circle about ten feet away from a smashing surface. We used a stack of bricks to smash things on. After demonstrating the effects of a hammer to a watermelon. We draw tickets and let students smash other things... Pies, tomatoes, cantaloupe, anything that we could smash that won't injure people. mostly food things. We also fill in with a few other games Like egg roulette. Italian baseball and hitting small fruit with golf clubs. this is a great event if you have a field near your church. Probably not in the sanctuary. We end the night with a giant shaving cream fight. We supply students with ponchos. and a water hose to clean up with after.