Hot Chocolate Chug


A race to see who can drink hot chocolate the fastest.

Pro Tips:

  1. Test the drink first. Don't let your students get burned by hot chocolate that's too hot. 
  2. For good production value, google hot chocolate recipes and use mini marshmallows. 
  3. Give the winner a pack of hot chocolate mix. 
  4. Throw mini marshmallows into the audience. 
  5. With all up front games, encourage your youth group to cheer on their peeps. 
  6. Depending on the number of contestants, you may need multiple judges. 


  • 1 tall mug of hot chocolate for each participant. 
  • Napkins for clean up.

How to Play:

Give a tall mug of hot chocolate to each contestant. Use 2 - 5 contestants. On your mark, have them start chugging. Have a leader judge who the winner is based on who finishes their cup first. If you have several contestants, have a couple leaders ready to help keep eyes on different cups. 


Turn this into a trick game where a student gets to be the winner. Have multiple leaders and a student as the contestant. Prep everyone on the plan ahead of time: the leaders will act like the hot chocolate is scolding hot and the student will be drinking lukewarm hot chocolate casually like it's nothing.