Thank You Letters


A funny upfront activity based on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon submitted by Brad Hamm, Student Ministries Pastor @ Cross Timbers Church

Pro Tips:

  1. Be funny and creative but don't hurt a kid's feelings or make them feel small. 
  2. As a matter of fact, use this game as an excuse to make one of your students a hero if possible
  3. Watch a Jimmy Fallon clip of Thank You Letters to see how it's done
  4. Don't actually write the letter out, just fake it. Writing takes way longer than speaking


  • paper
  • pen

How to Play:

This is a lot of fun, I stole it from Jimmy Fallon. My summer interns to come up with these about one another sometimes they read them, sometimes I do. They get pretty funny.

You can write thank you letters to random people in your youth group that have weird quirks but they own it and love it. Writing thank you letters to your volunteers can be a blast. Ask your students what is something goofy one of their small group leaders has done and incorporate it.

Use some good Thank You Letter writing music.


  1. Thank you, (student), for bringing your holiness to church today. Although, I’m pretty sure the bible was speaking of your pursuit of holiness in Christ, not your jeans.

  2. Thank you, hand sanitizer pump in the men’s restroom, for supplying me with 90% of the germs I’m trying to kill.

  3. Thank you, (volunteer), for always keeping our midweek service under control and for reminding me that honey badgers are not the most deadly mammals on the planet.