Make It Or Break It

Make It or Break it is a very well produced,  fun, video based, Up Front Game. I contacted Jay Reynolds of Hope Community Church with Hazardous MSM and this is a free resource that they created and it turns out, they love to share.


  1. Audio/Video Software & Hardware

How To Play:

The video clip is generally going to be someone performing a stunt. It will pause halfway through with a ten second countdown. Then it will begin playing again and either the person will land the stunt (Make it) or they fail (Break it). The person up front chooses in the 10 sec interval, whether or not the person in the video will "Make it" or "Break it."

We think the best thing to do is divide the group into teams (we just divided our group in half). Have each team send up a representative. Explain to the team representatives that their job is to let you know what their team wants to vote for. So the representative isn't alone - their team is in the crowd, cheering them on and trying to communicate how they think he/she ought to answer.

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