Nobody Move

Supplies Needed:

  1. None

How to Play:

Choose a volunteer to come to the front. Explain to them that they will be given 30 seconds to look at the room and memorize the positions of students. After that they'll turn around. While they're turned around, a student will change positions (either they'll change where they're sitting or change how they're sitting). After a position has been changed, the volunteer must correctly identify them. If they win, they get a prize, if they lose, they get a high five for effort.

You could do several volunteers, one after the other and the last kid could get pied in the face when he turned around... If you're into that sort of thing.

Some ideas:

  1. Have two students change seats with each other but otherwise, sit like they were before
  2. Have a student sit somewhere else, without moving any one else in the group.
  3. Have a student go from sitting with legs uncrossed to crossing his legs
  4. Have a student leave the room.