High or Low

This Up Front Game was inspired by a video-based up front game from Hazardous MSM Youth (The Makers of Make it or Break it).


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How to Play:

Game play is pretty simple but does require some preparation. A leader, or a student, or yourself will come on stage and say a numerically based fact, like, "I have 13 Taylor Swift Songs on my Itunes." Then someone chosen from the crowd must say whether or not they think the real number is higher or lower. It's very simple but it's also a great opportunity for students to learn more about leaders, or more about each other and if done well, can provide a great excuse for them to laugh at you.

I'll embed some sweet videos from Hazardous Youth. Try not to be envious of their video editing skills. Again though, you don't need pre made videos for this game. You can personalize it and play it live just as easily.