Kittens of Doom

This game is a slideshow based game but you could easily modify certain aspects if you didn't want to be dependent on ppt.


  1. It varies
  2. a computer helps
  3. materials for a punishment and prize

How to Play:

Pro Tips:

  1. If you don't have ppt capabilities then just call the game "1 to 3" and if the student chooses the number that you've written down (from 1 to 3) then he/she gets a consequence. If they don't choose your number then he/she gets a prize.

Call a student up on stage. Have him choose a cat from the slide. If the cat he chooses remains on the slide, then he gets a punishment. If the cat he chooses disappears, he gets a prize! Pretty simple stuff.

Download the powerpoint here.

We also added a happy song that played at the beginning and after the slide transitioned a scream from a horror movie played. That's a bit advanced but if you know ppt well enough you can pull it off. 

As a punishment, we'll fill a balloon with shaving cream and have someone squeeze it until it pops.

If you just want the background or the cats, have at it: