Ninja Cats

Ninja Cats, Ninja Cats, Ninja Cats, Ninja Caaaats ♫


  1. Projection Capabilities

How to Play:

I saw an article on "ninja cats" the other day... Pictures of cats that had ninja like qualities. This usually just meant that they were hiding/blending into their surroundings. So I turned it into a powerpoint game! There's two variations to this game.


  • Check the images ahead of time to make sure you know where the cats are.
  • Check the projection ahead of time to make sure the images are crisp enough.
  • Hype it up! Play ninja music.
  • If you use the images sparingly, this could be a repeat game that your students look forward to.

Variation 1:

This variation requires you to have a screen that students can reach/touch. Have two students come to the front and "face off." The task will be to see who can find and point to the cat in the image displayed first. Do this with our easy-to-find cat pictures and do several rounds in quick succession - keeping score. Whoever was the first to find the most cats by the end of the  game wins.

Variation 2:

Use our hard-to-find cat pictures and consider having the whole group or a larger number of students try to find the cat. First one to find the cat wins. You wouldn't want to have only two middle schoolers taking 20 minutes to try to find a cat. You always have a small number of students come up... give them a time limit (3 minutes?) and whoever finds it first (within 3 minutes) wins and then at the end, ask the crowd if they know where the cat is. This would keep everyone involved.

Easy-to-find cats:
(click Image to expand)

Hard-to-find cats:
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