Flour Tower


  1. Flour
  2. Tall container to pack flour into
  3. Plate to sit the flour tower on
  4. Lifesavers
  5. a knife

Set up:

If there directions are confusing, feel free to skip right to the embedded video. Pack the flour into the container. We're going to use a tall mug. Put a plate over the top of the mug. Flip the mug and the plate over so that the plate is on it's bottom but the mug is upside down (now sitting on top of the plate). Lift the mug off the plate, being careful to not damage the flour-tower that is created from having packed it into the mug. Place a lifesaver on the top of the tower.

How to Play:

Ask 2-4 people come up to the front. Hand one of them a knife. Their job is to slice part of the flour tower away from the tower. Then they give it to the next person in line. They make a slice too. Whoever causes the lifesaver to fall must eat the lifesaver out of the flour without using their hands. It's like jenga, where once you pull away too many blocks it won't be able to stand and someone causes it to fall over. Except here, you're slicing away flour until it topples and then someone faces a consequence - a face full of flour.

This video is not ours but it does a great job explaining the game!