Team Tesla

Been seeing a lot of social media posts about this Tesla guy so I thought I'd make a game for us all.


  1. 2 Balloons
  2. 2 playing cards

How to Play:

Pro Tips:

  1. Play several rounds. Consider doing best two out of three.
  2. Make sure the balloons aren't so big that they're on the verge of popping.

Call up two pairs of students (that's four students altogether). Preferably a guy and a girl. Give a balloon (have it blown up ahead of time) to the guy on each team. Put two playing cards on a table (one for each team). On "go" have the guy on each team rub the balloon on the girl's head until they generate enough static electricity to pick up their own playing card. First one to pick up the card with the balloon wins. I tried this and it works. The trick is in the timing... playing cards are heavy enough that a good amount of static electricity is required in order for the balloon to be able to lift the entire playing card off the table. If the student is in a hurry he may not rub the balloon on his partner's head for a long enough time in order to lift the card. Play this game, let us know how it went. And offer us some pro tips!