Build a Beard

Supplies Needed:

  1. Shaving cream (one can per team)
  2. Trash bags (one bag per team)
  3. Blindfolds (one per team)


How to Play:

Recruit pairs of students. One person from a pair sits in a chair. Cut a hole in the trash bag for their head to fit through to keep them clean. 

The other partner in the pair is blindfolded in front of their partner and given a can of shaving cream. Their job is to make a beard on their teammate. We did this during a Wednesday night and the results were hilarious. Have the group judge the best beard.



Pro Tips:

  1. Girls with beards are funnier than boys with beards.
  2. Have some paper towels or wet wipes handy.
  3. Give one student a heads up ahead of time and tell him to put the shaving cream in the kids hair too.