No Shave November


Beard Cheese

In college my roommate always told me not to get my beard cheese in things. He was a great roommate.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cheese Curls
  2. Shaving Cream

How to Play:

The game is simple. Grab a few teams. We did just two teams. One member from each team sits on stage. Leaders generously apply shaving cream to their faces. The rest of the members are given two cheese curls each. The object of the game is to throw the cheese curls at your teammates face and the team with the most cheese curls on their teammate's face wins. We did it this way so we'd have a lot of cheese curls flying around at once. High energy is a good thing. Our students loved it.


Pro tips:

  1. Have towels ready.
  2. Don't play this game right before the lesson or else you'll be waiting on the students to clean their faces and do their hair.