Wooly Willy

This game is a lot like build-a-beard. But it's got a slight twist, and requires a little bit of crafting on your part to make. 


  1. Cheap, long & straight hair wigs
  2. Hair Gel
  3. Pony tails, hair bows/clips, etc.

How to play:

First, before you play you need to turn the wigs into beards. Take it out of the packaging, and hold it across the lower part of your face.  Find where your mouth is behind the wig and cut a hole there so your mouth is visible.  Then sew or hot glue a piece of elastic on either side of the wig to wear around your head, thus making it a beard.  Grab a couple pairs of students. Have one student from each pair sit down. Have them put the wig on their face. The other student in their pair is going to style their beard with the hair gel, pony tails, clips, etc. Then have either the leaders or the crowd choose the best beard. Set a time limit. Watching people craft beards isn't that fun if it lasts longer than 4 minutes or so. Let students know they can put the gel in their partners hair too. After all, it can't hurt.

Call it hipster Santa for a Christmas version. 



Pro tips:

  1. Don't do this game right before the lesson otherwise the bearded participants will miss your intro (they'll need time to clean up).
  2. Have someone take pictures!
  3. Don't buy the cheapest gel you can find... it probably won't harden quick enough.