Bear Hunt



1. 4 large bowls

2. Whipped cream

3. Gummy bears

How to Play:

Bring 4 students up front and tell them they are going bear hunting. Bring out 4 bowls that are filled with lots of whipped cream and a few gummy bears throughout.

When the leader says GO, the 4 students must find the gummy bears hidden/buried in the whipped cream using only their face! No hands.

The student who finds the most gummy bears in the allotted time, wins. Make sure they get a great prize!


Pro Tips:

  1. Don't play this game right before a lesson. Clean up may require students to miss your intro.
  2. Bring towels.
  3. For an extra awesome prize, shop online for a giant gummy bear if you can afford to do so. 1lb bears are about $10, 5lb bears are around $30.