Spoon Fed

If anyone asks, that's a baby parrot. The font is called "{skinny] jeans." It's probably from

Supplies Needed:

  1. cereal (fruity pebbles is great)
  2. milk
  3. spoons
  4. bowls (one per team)
  5. rods, dowels, yardsticks, mop poles, anything like that.
  6. duct tape
  7. table

How to Play:

This game requires teams of two. Pour some cereal and milk into bowls and give to each team. One person in the team will feed their teammate  fruity pebbles (or anything really) using a spoon duct taped to the end of a long mop pole or broom stick or dowel (we actually used outdoor shuffleboard sticks... whatever those things are called.) It's difficult for students to pick up cereal with a spoon when it's attached to a long stick and even more difficult for them to feed it to others... especially if it's milky.

The team whose partner eats the most within a minute wins (or you can tell them that and then more scientifically choose whoever you feel could use a "win" that night).



Pro Tips:

  1. You can use oatmeal if you want it to be less messy.
  2. Mark a line around the pole that the feeder has to keep his hands behind. Otherwise, the closer forward they put their hands, the less challenging.
  3. Find some natural hot cereal mix with nuts and sunflower seeds, put in a ziplock bag,  tell your students it's bird seed and don't add water.