Banana Stab

There are several variations of this game. Young Life's looks like this: have two students tie their left hands together and place a banana in their right hand.  On the count of three, they try to peel their banana and stab the other person in the face. First person to stab the other wins.  You can still play that variation, but I'm going to suggest another way that makes the game last a little longer:


  1. 2 Bananas
  2. 2 Blindfolds


How to Play:

Get two students. Blindfold them. Put them in opposite corners of the room. On the count of three, students will peel their bananas and try to find each other. Whoever stabs the other in the face first wins.

Pro Tips:

  1. On the second round, choose two new people. An older student and a younger student. Or a guy and a girl. Put them in opposite corners. Blind fold them. Take the blindfold off the underdog without letting the older student know. Make sure you tell your kids to be quiet about it.
  2. Don't choose students prone to violence, lacking in self control, or "who don't know their own strength." I once watched my roommate pummel my other roommate with an orange. Fruit can hurt.