White Elephant

Is there a better mixer than a white elephant party? Maybe!


  1. Each student should bring a gift
  2. Bring a few extra presents for the students who bring nothing
  3. Slips of numbered paper from 1 to the # of people playing

How to Play:

There's different variations for this game. Here's one take: Have each student draw a numbered slip of paper. Number 1 will go first. They'll take whatever gift they want to. Now, it's number 2's turn. Number 2 can either steal a gift from number 1 or choose a present.

Pro Tips:

  1. Play some Christmas music for Pete's sake!
  2. Encourage your students to bring real presents - not trash. Beautifully wrapped trash is never stolen and therefore the person is stuck with it and they no longer participate.
  3. Prep your leaders ahead of time to steal the less desirable gifts so that students are given a second chance to get something good.

If Number two chooses a present, it's now number 3's turn. If number 2 steals from number 1, number 1 chooses another gift and then number 3 goes. You cannot immediately steal back an item stolen from you - you must go to someone else or take an unopened present. You must open your presents in front of everyone. A present can only touch three people's hands. Once the present is taken for a third time (this includes the first time it was taken from the pile) it is locked and the third person to posses it owns it for good.

To clarify, if someone has a gift stolen from them, it is now their turn. You only return to the number system once the stealing has come to an end. Stealing will come to an end when someone decides to take something from the gift pile rather than taking something from someone else.