Over the Fence

Thanks for this game submission John from Romania!


A team building strategy game 

Pro Tips:

  1. This game is a challenge, be aware of that ahead of time 
  2. It'll probably go easier if your leaders play too! 


  • A rope

How to Play:

From John: I would like to share this simple game that we made with the scouts Royal Rangers Romania, and believe me, it sound simple but it's really hard. 

Players form a team in which they hold hands one next to another in the form of a line. The team must cross over a "fence" (a rope pulled from one part of the room to the other one at the stomach height) without touching it. They must work in group, using their bodys and strategy thinking. After a player crossed the line he still needs to hold hands and help his teammates from the other part of the fence, still not touching it. The game ends when everybody crossed the line safetly. If a player touches the line, everybody must come back to the start.`

While the game is playing the coordonator can add new rules.   

For example: if the team uses a technique that works and the game can end faster, you can add a new rule like: Not allowed to use the same tactic anymore, switch tactic."