Christmas Ball Wrap


Students take turns unwrapping a ball of plastic wrap with prizes in the layers. 

Pro Tips:

  • Have really cool prizes to inspire your peeps to keep playing! Be ready to spend $$$
  • Consider setting a time limit for each turn (in case the ball stays with one student for way too long). 


  • A lot of plastic wrap
  • dice (2!)
  • A lot of various prizes
  • Gift cards, dollar bills, candy, Christmas related objects like Santa hats
  • When you start wrapping, put the best gift in first so the last person with the ball wins a big prize! 

How to Play:

Have students sit in a circle. The first student begins unwrapping the ball while the student to the right begins to roll a pair of dice. As the student unwraps the ball of plastic wrap, he gets to keep whatever prizes get unwrapped between the layers. When the student rolling the dice rolls doubles, he then gets a turn unwrapping the ball while the student to his right begins rolling the dice. So on and so forth until the ball is totally unwrapped and the prizes are given out.