Cats vs. Cucumbers


It's like the swimming pool game "Marco Polo" except on land.

Pro Tips:

  1. Use a blindfold... don't expect students to keep their eyes closed.
  2. Create safeguards to make sure students don't walk into walls


  • 1 cucumber!

How to Play:

Someone is chosen to be the cucumber. That person is blindfolded and given a cucumber. Their job is to tag someone else with the cucumber. The cucumber cannot be thrown. When the blindfolded person holding the cucumber says, "Cucumber!" everyone else must meow. Players can only walk - no running (to prevent injurious catastrophe).

The first person to get tagged then becomes the cucumber.


Buy enough cucumbers for everyone. Every time someone is tagged they are given a blindfold and a cucumber and join the person who did the tagging. Last man (cat) standing (meowing) wins.

Hype it up with this video: