One Bounce

This is the official One Bounce game, invented by the first Elder of One Bounce. All other games bearing the mark of "One Bounce" are cheap imitations.

By the power vested in me as the original One Bounce Elder, I hereby sanction all Youth Leaders visiting this site, or trained by those visiting this site to be One Bounce Elders.


  1. A Tennis Ball

How to Play:

It's every man for himself. Players pass the ball by bouncing it once to another person via a slap of the ball. There are two rules that govern one bounce:

  1. The ball must bounce once. 
  2. You must say "One Bounce" before the first serve of every round.

Pro Tips:

  1. We played the hardcore version in college. When offering punishments be very wise and discerning about the council you appoint. Don't haze.
  2. We played the nonhardcore version with our youth group and it was a lot of fun.
  3. Be prepared for students to vote for someone to get a demerit even if said person was not involved in the play, this is quite fun. Help students to catch onto this idea.
  4. Keep the playing area small to begin with but allow the group to organically spread around.

If the ball is unable to bounce once or bounces more than once, players vote on whose fault it is. That player earns a demerit. The player with the most demerits by the end of the game loses. The game is over when the elder says it is over. Any game played while an official elder is not present is a cheap counterfeit.

The hardcore version:

Not Co-ed.

The player with the most demerits is assigned a punishment decided on by the council of elders or if only one elder is present, an elder and a council he appoints.

If two players have an even amount of the highest number of demerits, they must play head to head. Whoever gets 5 demerits first loses. Win by two. The group continues to vote on who gets awarded the demerit.

If the player with the most demerits does not accept their punishment, they are excommunicated from the game until granted pardon by an Elder.