Nibbly Bibbly

My wifey discovered this game from her time working at SpringHill Camps in Michigan.



How to Play:

It's like "Simon Says" except there are limited and specific commands, each with their own sign. The leader yells them out and performs the sign. The students must follow along. If the leader does not say "order" before each command, the students must not listen to the leader.

Pro Tips:

  1. Do a practice round first, going over all of the commands and hand gestures
  2. Go fast
  3. Assign a judge
  4. When you say a command, do the hand gesture too. Eventually, say a command but do the wrong hand gesture in order to trip people up.

Here are the Commands, followed by their signs. 

Order up                    

Arms out, palms up.

Order down               

Arms out, palms down

Order 'bows              

Stick elbows up, pointed in front of you, arms next to your head

Order lobes            

Hold onto your ear lobes with both hands

Order nose                

Touch your nose with your index finger, using both hands

Order Nibbly Bibbly  

Make a "gun" with each hand (index finger extended, thumb up) and shake them up and down (Like they're shooting)