Protect The President

I watched a video of my friend's youth group playing this game and it looked like everyone was having a ton of fun, we haven't played it at my youth group yet but we plan to.


  1. 1-2 Dodgeballs

Pro Tips:

  1. Have a decisive leader who is able to call people out if they appear to get by the dodgeball.
  2. If you have students who just want to stand in the circle to talk, that's totally fine!

How to Play:

Have everyone form a circle. Choose a president and a bodyguard. The bodyguard can get hit with the dodgeball an infinite number of times. It's his job to protect the president. As soon as the president gets hit with the dodgeball, the body guard becomes the president and the person who threw the dodgeball that hit the president becomes the new bodyguard. And the old president finds a spot in the circle. This transition happens instantaneously. Part of the difficulty is in the transition - guarding the new president before anyone is able to hit him is a bit of a challenge.

This game should be fast paced, high energy, and a little bit chaotic. Have you played it before? Are you going to play it? Let us know what you think!