Human Pretzel

Human Knot is probably a better name for this game but I was struggling with the graphic.


  1. Nothin'

How to Play:

I hear that groups 10-15 are ideal. If your group is large, split them up. Arrange the group in a circle (shoulder to shoulder). Have them raise their right arms and grab the hand of a different person (they cannot choose someone next to them). Next, have everyone raise their left arm and grab the arm of another person (they cannot choose someone next to them nor can they choose the arm of the same person). The goal of the game is to untangle themselves in the form of a circle without breaking hands.

This is a great way to get students interacting and working together. If the group fails, have them start over.


  1. Don't neglect the instructions. If the same two students hold both eachother's hands then they're not going to be a part of any circle.
  2. I've heard injuries are possible with this game. It's hard to believe but apparently some participants might not want to let go when they ought to. Make sure your students are playing smart.
  3. Consider different variations. Time the guys against the girls. Time the upperclassmen against the underclassmen. Make them play without talking. Blindfold everyone after they grabs hands, etc.