Candy Heart Count

A game where teens guess the amount of candy in a jar. We've made one of these for Halloween and one for Christmas. So we're making one again for Valentines Day. They're super simple. They're a great excuse to give something away. They're an awesome opportunity to collect information (like if you said that participants had to leave their name, number, address, and email address etc.) in order to play. They're something for students to do as they're waiting for friends to come. They've been a highly effective and very simple addition to our Holiday Parties.


  • Sometimes the prize can be the jar of candy. We let them choose - either the jar of candy or something else.
  • Know how many candies you have ahead of time.
  • Stress to students that they have to put their names on the slips. Some don't. I have no idea why.


  • A jar filled with candy
  • Slips for writing guesses
  • pens
  • Something to collect or deposit the guesses into

How to Play:

Fill a jar with candy hearts. Know the amount you put in. Have your students write down their best guess and tell them that the person with the closest guess will get a prize. Very simple.