Honey If You Love Me

Have students stand in a circle, facing the middle. One student is in the middle. This person will pick someone standing in the circle, walk up to them and ask in a creepy and weird/funny say, "Honey, if you love me won't you please, please, smile?" The person in the circle MUST maintain eye contact while they are doing this and still keeping eye contact must respond with a straight face by saying "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile." If the person laughs or smiles while saying this, they "lose" and switch places with the person in the middle.  Then they repeat the process and must walk up to someone else in the circle and say, "Honey if you love me won't you please, please, smile?" If the person in the middle is unsuccessful in making someone laugh or smile, they have to go up to someone else and keep trying until someone cracks and switches spots with them. 

Variation 1:

Let the students play until 5 minutes is up. Or before it loses its entertainment value.

Variation 2:

Whoever is in the middle at the end of 5 minutes loses.


Pro Tips:

  1. Students are very likely to continue choosing a few individuals rather than extending out to everyone in the group -- especially people who are easy to make laugh.  Encourage them at the beginning of the game to stay away from picking the same people over and over.
  2. Or make a rule that if a student has already been "tested", they cannot be chosen again until everyone else in the group has been "tested."
  3. Play some music! Preferably, pop love songs.