Chin Championships

There's two variations of this game. But it requires little set up, gets your students moving and looking ridiculous and it's something an underdog has a chance to excel in.


  1. 1 penny per student


How to Play Variation 1:

Have students lean their heads back and rest the penny on their chin. Once you say "GO" participants may not touch their own pennies ever again. On the count of go, players must walk around the room, trying to knock pennies off of other players' chins using their hands. Players cannot bump or hip check or kick but must use their hands to swat other players' pennies off.  Last person with a penny left on their chin wins.



Pro Tips:

  1. Once someone is out, make sure they stay out. In both variations students who are out have a tendency to continue playing by swatting pennies off of people's chins.
  2. Have a leader to spot students who are touching their own pennies. Disqualify them in a fun and friendly manner :)
  3. Play some music! Any ideas for a good song for this?

How to Play Vacation 2:

Students get in pairs and stand back to back. Leader shouts "prepare your chins!" and students rest the penny on their chins. On the count of "GO," students will turn and face each other. Whichever partner drops their penny first wins. If both partners retain their penny after turning they can swat the pennys off each other. The first person to lose their penny in each pair is out, the other person goes on to the next round. Rinse and Repeat.