Horse High Five

2014 is the year of the horse. So for our New Years party my wife planned some sweet horse themed games, and this was one our group liked a lot.  


How to Play:

Have the students partner up.  Explain and demonstrate all 4 of the commands (see commands below) so that everyone knows them.  When you say "Mingle!" the students need to separate from their partner and just walk around the room.  (You or a leader may want to keep an eye on them during this part and make sure they are not anywhere near their partner.)  Then when it looks like everyone is evenly dispersed, shout out one of the commands.  Each person must quickly reunite with their partner and correctly execute the command that was shouted.  Whatever pair of people is the last to carry out the command is eliminated and must go sit down.  Then shout "Mingle!" again and have the group mix themselves up again before shouting another command.  Keep playing like this and eliminating pairs of students until only one pair remains -- and wins.  

Pro Tips:

1. You need a leader to act as a judge and decide what pair of students is last each round and is eliminated.

2. Play music during the "mingle" portions of the game. 

Our Commands:

Horse High Five: Partners stand back to back and lift one leg behind them, touching each others' heels (hooves).

Saddle Up: One partner jumps on the other partners back

Grazing: Both partners get on all fours, facing the same direction, side to side, heads down.

Hurdles: One partner lays flat on the ground. The other partner jumps over them.


These are just our made-up commands.  Feel free to re-invent your own & share in a comment :)