Deal Breaker

Sometimes you find something out about the person you're dating and it's a total deal breaker.
Time to find out what your kids consider to be deal breakers.


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How to Play:

This game is just like LeftYes Right No. Have students stand in a line in the middle of the room, front to back, facing forwards. It doesn't actually have to be a line. Just get them to stand in the middle of the room. Tell them that if they go left it means the agree with the sentence and if they go to the right side of the room then it means they disagree with the statement. Explain beforehand that this is the perfect person for them except for this one major flaw.

Read each statement:

It's a deal breaker if...

  • They always wear cargo shorts.
  • They never wear deodorant and have bad body odor
  • Wherever they go they have to skip.
  • They sing so much in normal conversation you'd think they were in a musical
  • Every night they wet the bed
  • They pick their nose
  • For guys the girl is taller than you, for girls the guy is shorter than you.
  • Their hair is permanently dyed hot pink.
  • They wear all their clothes inside out
  • They always call you by the wrong name.They are crazy justin bieber fans.
  • They only take one shower a week.
  • Every hour on the hour they moo loudly
  • They smell like Doritos 24/7
  • They have a hairy mole on their tongue
  • All their motions are robotic
  • Everywhere they go there is a wild rat following them
  • They non-stop flex their muscles
  • They hate all grandparents
  • They kiss their Mom and Dad on the lips