Group Hug


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How to Play:

Tell the students to start walking around the room while you give directions. Now tell them that when you call out a number - they have to form a group hug with that number of people. If they don't form a group hug with that many people then they are out.

First find out how many students are in the group and if you can divide it evenly then go ahead and do the math. Say there's 20 kids in your group. Tell them to get in groups of 10. Ta-dah! Now there's two groups of 10 and every one is still in. Tell them to get into a group hug of 2 people. Now there's ten groups of 2. Woot! Now bring on the stress and tell them to get into groups of 3 people. Now there's 6 groups of 3 people and two people are out. keep going until only two people are left. They're the winners! Or stop it before it gets to that sad ending where two people hug and leave the other guy out.