Ultimate Foot Basket

Special thanks to Jeff Kaetzel for hooking us up with this awesome game idea. 


This game combines ultimate frisbee, football and basketball.

Pro Tips:

  • Best played with two teams of 5-6
  • Basketball court is ideal 


  • A Football (the foot part of Ultimate Foot Basket)
  • A basketball court (optional but recommended)
  • If you don't have a basketball court, two empty trashcans will do.
  • A rectangular playing area (can be marked off by cones)

How to Play:

The point of the game is to pass the football between your teammates and score it in your opponents basketball hoop. The rules of ultimate frisbee apply, however. That means if you catch the ball, you cannot move. You can pivot on one foot, but not move forward. You continue to pass it between your teammates until you get into range of shooting it into the basket. 

Your opponents may knock the ball out of the air and take possession. If the ball hits the ground for any reason, it switches the possession. If your team takes a shot at the basket and misses, your team can rebound the ball and reshoot (just like in basketball), but if your opponent rebounds, it becomes their possession. 

First team to 21 points wins (regular basketball scoring, 3 points behind the arch, 2 points inside the arch).