This game was submitted Jared Malcolm


A European hand ball style game with more mess

Pro Tips: 

Spread out and make quick, short passes. 


  • Sock (x2)

  • Flour

  • Large Play Area

  • Hula Hoop (x2)

How to Play:


Messy game. Flour will be everywhere. 


Take socks and fill them with flour. Constantly push down on the sock to compact the flour inside. Leave enough room in the sleeve of the sock to tie it. Once tied the sock should be about the size of a small-medium size ball and very solid. 

Place 2 Hula Hoops at each end of the playing field. 

Start up:

Divide the players into two teams. Each team is to be given a side of the field. Each team will select one team member to stand inside the hula hoop. To score the opposing team must throw the sock at the player in the hula hoop. It the sock hits the player it is a goal. However if the player catches the sock it is no goal. 

Start the game by randomly throwing the sock into the middle. 


Players call run with the Sock for only 3 steps then they must pass. If violated it is a turnover.

If players have used up their 3 steps they have 5 seconds to throw the ball. If violated it is a turnover.

If a team has possession and a opposing player catches or knocks the sock to the ground it is a turnover. 

Players should not purposely aim for the head of the player in the Hula Hoop. Remove such players and award the opposing team with a penalty shot. (Accidents will happen though).

If the player in the Hula Hoop steps outside of the Hula Hoop in order to avoid being hit a penalty shot will be awarded to the other team. If they player continually jumps out of the hula hoop the other team will be awarded a goal. 

Replace initial sock with new sock as you see fit. Usually one per 15-20min game. Can be stretched out longer. 

Safety Concerns

As a precaution 2 pairs of approved safety glasses should be given to each player in the Hula Hoop. 

(I have played this game for many years and have never had any injuries)