Body Parts

Thanks to John Pop for submitting this fun game! 
We've taken a small amount of liberty with the directions :) 


A team racing game using body parts

Pro Tips:

  • Shout loudly or have slides prepared for the screen ahead of time. 
  • Plan, plan, plan. Make sure your teams can accomplish the task you've asked them. A team of 4 doesn't have more than eight feet. 
  • Progressively get harder and harder


  • None

How to Play:

Split your group into even numbered teams. 

The host of the game will shout out a combination of body parts and those body parts are the only things that can be touching the floor. 

For example if each team has eight people you might shout out: 14 feet and one nose! 7 people would have to lift one person and hold them so only their nose was touching the ground. Note the pro tip. You should start with easy ones: 16 feet and 10 hands would be much easier. Shouting out "8 feet!" should cause each person on their team to stand on one foot. 

Again this will take a good amount of forethought in order for it to go smoothly. You can play this game in two ways: Elimination or points. For elimination, eliminate one team every round (this will make things go much quicker...) Whichever team finishes last is eliminated. If you go this route, make sure to have a few warm up rounds. The other version is to simply award points. You could award points just to the team that finishes first OR you could award points based on the order that the teams finished in. First place would get the most points. Last place would get the least points.