This game was submitted by Ellis Linehan


Ultimate name game. 2 teams. One rubber ball. If your name is called and the ball drops, you become a prisoner.

Pro Tips: 

  • Get the best players out first.


  • Volleyball net
  • Big rubber ball (can be an exercise ball for increased difficulty)

How to Play: 

Split group into 2 teams

Teams take turns yelling a name of a player from the opposite team to attempt to get them out. Name must be called before ball is thrown. Anyone on the receiving team can catch the ball (does not need to be the person whose name is called). If the ball is caught, nothing happens. If the ball hits the ground the person whose name was called, is out and stands on the sidelines(prison). 

As the game progresses, teams may chose to bring "prisoners" back into the game (instead of attempting to get opposing players out) by yelling "prisoner" , if the ball is dropped, the first prisoner in line (in order of who got out) can return back to the game. 
If a team is down to 1 player, that player has the option to call "prison break". If the ball is dropped on the opposing side, that entire team (prisoners) may return back to the game. 

Boundaries must be setup to quality what is "in" or "out". If a ball lands on the ground out of bounds, 5) the person who threw it, is out. If a person on the receiving team touches the ball before it falls out of bounds, the person whose name was called, is out. (If you think it's going out, don't touch it). 

If a ball is thrown and does not make it over the net, the person who threw the ball is out. 

It does not matter if the ball hits the net. Just as long as it goes over. 

the team with the most amount of players, wins. Can usually play 2-3 rounds in 30 minutes. Alternate sides for fairness.