Soccer Stomp

Thanks Dustin Harrison for submitting this awesome game idea!


Stomp on balloons tied to ankles while playing soccer


  1. Nerf soccer ball if played indoors or regular soccer ball for outdoors
  2. Balloons - enough for 3 per person
  3. 1-2' long sections of string/rope for each person
  4. soccer goals
  5. gym/room big enough/open field

How to Play:

Simply put it's the same as a soccer game. What changes is everyone has 1 balloon attached on a string to their ankle. When the game starts the goal is obvious to score on the opponents, but now everyone has a balloon attached to their ankle. The other team as the opportunity to knock out any players from the game by smashing their opponents balloon with their feet. We play that when your balloon is smashed you have to sit out until you can pump another balloon up and attach it back to your ankle.

This allows anyone playing that's not even near a soccer ball to be having fun and participating in the game.

We have a large youth group and it's hard to find games EVERYONE can participate in, but this can easily be done with a smaller youth group. Even your non athletic students will be able to join in.