Turn It Up


Players compete to see who can perform various actions the loudest

Pro Tips:

  1. Do a practice round for each action
  2. Keep the teams small so that more people participate
  3. Save the Screaming round for last so students will be loosened up by the time you get to it!
  4. Don't forget to cheer for the winners!


  • none!

How to Play:

We had everyone compete in every round. We played a round and then decided the winner of that round. You could also separate the group into teams and have each team send one contestant up to compete in a round. If you choose to do things that way, you may find that only a few people are participating from each team. 

If you have everyone compete, just remember a few who sound the loudest so that you can have them go head to head against one another. And narrow it down to one winner per round.

Possible Ideas:

  1. Loudest whistle
  2. Loudest clap
  3. Loudest snap
  4. Loudest knuckle crack
  5. Loudest burp
  6. Loudest whisper (No use of vocal chords)
  7. Loudest stomp
  8. Loudest tongue click
  9. Loudest scream

Note: Our students loved this game. We did it with a high school only group and it was a lot of fun to watch them loosen up and scream as loud as they could and laugh afterwards. It was a great game for bonding.