Hungry Hungry Hippos

Chances are, you've heard of this game already. It was recently submitted to the collective by Doug Raraigh.


A human sized version of hungry hungry hippos.


  1. 300 small plastic balls
  2. 4 Laundry Baskets
  3. 4 Scooters
  4. 4 Ropes

How to Play:

Tie a rope to a scooter and designate a scooter rider. Give the rider a laundry basket. In the middle of the playing field (gym floor works best) place 300+ little plastic balls (like the ones found in a ball pit, they can be purchased cheap on Amazon). At "go" each of 4-6 teams push their rider into the center where the balls are. The rider may not use their hands, they may only bring the laundry basket down on the balls. Each team then pulls the rider back with the rope. Keep going until most of the balls have been captured. The team with the most balls win. We did two different heats allowing the first and second place winners to move to the "final round." It was a BLAST!