Reverse Charades - Mannequin Challenge Edition

  • A big thanks to T.J. Woodard for submitting this sweet game


Reverse Charades with a twist

Pro Tips:

  • Use clues that require multiple actors and group participation
  • Take pictures! 


  • People
  • On-Screen Slides
  • Optional Blindfolds (instead of turning around)

How to Play:

Two teams. Played just like reverse charades except the crowd (the actors) will have 10 seconds to strike a pose and hold it before the "guessers" turn around and try to solve. 

Clue suggestions:

Last Supper. Nativity scene. Super bowl. Baptism service. Farm. Recess. Junior High Dance. Baseball game. Macy's Parade. Santa & reindeer. Snow White & 7 Dwarves. Jurassic Park/World.