Noodle War


A hectic, fast paced noodle tag team game

Pro Tips:

  1. Use referees if possible
  2. Play some music
  3. Embrace the chaos. For real. Things will get chaotic. Don't fight it.


  • 1 Pool Noodle per student. For real.

How to Play:

Divide the group up into teams. However many teams you want is up to you. Probably the fewer teams possible, the better.

When someone on the opposing team hits you with a pool noodle - you sit down. When your own team member hits you with a pool noodle - you stand back up.

Teams play until there is only one team remaining. OR until the time is up (if you want to set a time limit - you can!). If you do the time limit version then just have all the players that are standing by the end of the game get into a group with their team. Count the standing players to see which team had the most people by the end of the game - they won!